[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] The .COM Registry Agreement should not be monopoly-controlled by Verisign

Bruce Henry Lambert help at strongestbrands.com
Mon Feb 10 09:48:56 UTC 2020

 Aloha. I am an internet user with many .com websites used personally and
for business & investments.

My colleagues and I are outraged that ICANN has allowed Verisign to
maintain a monopoly over the .com registry. Verisign is predatory and able
to unreasonably raise prices only due to their corrupt relationship with
ICANN allowing no competition. Why are other potential suppliers

Surely ICANN does not enjoy being accused of collusion and corruption, but
by not allowing open competitive tender, the no-bid .com registry contract
allows THEFT from me and millions of others.

This multi-billion dollar gift should not be controlled by Verisign. The
windfall profits enjoyed by Verisign are evidence the price of .com
registrations is too high and should be lowered.

ICANN has not been truly responsive to past public input about the .com and
.org registry contracts. Each registry is essentially a public trust
arrangement, and not the private property of Verisign or ICANN.

Domain prices for .com & .org should be DECREASING. Please make it happen.

Bruce Henry Lambert
Stockholm, Sweden
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