[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Put Legacy Registries out to Competitive Bid. Ask the EU and the US DOJ for Help Freeing ICANN From Its Oppressors.

Keven Dabney me at kevendabney.com
Mon Feb 10 21:45:34 UTC 2020


I would rather see you put legacy TLDs out to competitive
bid, as has been suggested of you by the United States
Department of Justice.

What you would see is a monumental influx of cash to
operate ICANN for the better good, and to continually
allow registries opportunities to innovate. However, the
current system is broken, does not encourage innovation
by the registries themselves, and only encourages
corruption and back-door deals which make registries
more money at the expense of the general public.

$1.2 billion for Ethos capital to buy .org?  Why is
ICANN not properly putting the legacy TLDs out
for competitive tender?  These continual "cash grabs"
just go into deep pockets (Verisign, Ethos, PIR), are
taken from registrants for no good reason.

ICANN should be the one getting paid for this.  ICANN
should not be the evil doer for allowing for profit
monopolies to take over on the .org namespace, raise
prices on .com namespace and ruin what worked so well
in the early 2000s.

Imagine a world where ICANN did not hand out presumptive
right of renewal contracts, and you could periodically
keep the registries in check by auctioning off the
management of them for the next 6 or 10 years!

The legacy TLDs should also NOT be allowed to sue
you -- their regulator.  This is one of the biggest issues
you have.  ICANN is not strong enough against these massive
for-profit companies.

I suggest you take these issues directly to the Department
of Justice.  And to the European Union.  ICANN should be
honest and say "we are a captured organization" and we
need help getting out of the rut we are in today.
You really need to be courting competition authorities
to help fix the massive issues ICANN has created over
the last 5 to 10 years!

There are outside parties who have the power to undo what
your prior counterparts did. And then ICANN can once again get
back to what it should be -- a respected organization that
actually serves the public good, and not just a few
insiders who run the entire show.

P.S. Do not classify this spam!

Thank you.

Keven Dabney
Internet Professional

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