[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] No to the Oligarchic Grab of Humanity Patrimony

Miguel Queiroz artimedia at live.com
Mon Feb 10 22:45:08 UTC 2020

The Internet was born as a democratized public asset and free-for-all, or at least affordable service. Progressively throughout the years, we've witnessed the predictable appropriation attempt of this public patrimony, on behalf of private corporate power. From the absurd profit margins of ISP's to the more recent attempt of tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, to privatize the Internet and make use of personal data for private corporate profit.

This is the bottom line of what we're witnessing today with the threat of price rise in .com domains: again the appropriation attempt of public domain and patrimony, for private gain. A new form of oligarchic neo-feudal power grab is trying to take hold of what after all, depends on public participation and public traffic, to even exist in the first place.

I am hereby manifesting my absolute disapproval of this outrageous and arbitrary price raise on .com domains, that Verysign is intending to impose on registrars, and ultimately on the general public. This is the result of an obscene 20 million USD bribe that Verisign paid to ICANN, in exchange of total leeway to raise the domain prices arbitrarily and indiscriminately... Treating citizens and entrepreneurs as cows to be milked.

I am hereby expressing my vehement protest and disapproval of this vulgar and abusive display of power and demanding that a fair and democratic ceiling will be placed on domain name prices, in particular those of .com extension.

Your sincerely,

M. Queiroz
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