[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Please stop increasing .COM rates

Nile Flores blondishnet at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 22:55:55 UTC 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

For a simple thing as a domain name, in the last 15 years, I don't think it
really costs as much as we think, for this "technology". Who put ICANN over
all this, and why does the rate have to continually increase. I think
there's a lot of greed involved.

Please stop increasing the rate for buying any TLD, no matter how it is
bought or who it is being bought through. The fact that even other types of
TLDs outside of COM are expensive with some registrars, are completely

The technology cost hasn't changed and it's the same technology 20+ years
ago, as it is today. Perhaps fire some CEOs and upper management who lost
their grip on reality and how increasing this will bring less business.
We've got small business owners and bloggers really trying their best to
create websites DIY style, who have families or are college students, and
don't have much money to be shelling out for domain, hosting, and even SSL,
with all the increased. I think if some web hosts, like Bluehost and
Namecheap, can keep hosting affordable, I think ICANN be reasonable by
making sure to keep lower costs too. It may encourage more business, rather
than people looking at the shopping cart for 10 minutes, to decide if
paying the extra few bucks for the higher price, is worth it, in comparison
to their previously paid for COMs and other TLDs.

Kind Regards,

Nile Flores


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