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Anna Katogiritis anaritis at vt.edu
Tue Feb 11 01:25:45 UTC 2020

Good evening,

I am a veterinarian and have several .com websites that I have purchased. I disagree with this amendment and the changes that you are trying to make which will impact the prices of .com websites.

I understand that these comments mean nothing to companies and organizations like yours, as at the end of the day it had to do with how much money YOU pocket.

I kindly urge you to consider the people and the users of the domains when it comes to making deals behind closed doors.


Anna Katogiritis, BSc, DVM

Emergency Veterinarian
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“If you do not accomplish your dreams and goals in life,  it means that you never truly wanted them in the first place.”
~George Katogiritis ( my amazing father)

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