[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Management of TLDs

albopf albopf at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 22:30:31 UTC 2020

I have, over years since 2003, managed near twenty websites: four for myself, and the rest for clients. All these have been small-time sites, of great importance to their owners, but apparently of little importance to iCANN. 

We are appalled at iCANN’s indifference toward public comments—even to the extent of treating some as “SPAM”. We are discouraged by the seeming futility of our expressions. Nonetheless, I send this opinion in the hope that a human being will read it and be able to contribute it as a force in guiding future actions.

Management of TLDs for gross profits is a delicate affair and should not be taken lightly. Yes, I know the folks involved have to “pay the rent and put bread on the table.” But for those of us with websites, free expression is involved. In my case, we don’t have calluses on our ears from the outflow of money. Ridiculous price increases for retention of our websites will be a hardship, if not an impossibility. We may find that the web becomes a realm occupied by the wealthier, and the content thereon correspondingly affected.

The web may become more a rich folks’ arena. 

That iCANN and Verisign could conspire in secret for monetization of TLD management goes against the spirit of free communication upon which the web was built. The web can help folks speak together and work together only if the channels across which they do so are managed wisely. This is an urgent concern in these times of environmental crisis, but no doubt will remain so as long as folks can communicate—which being, the foreseeable future.

I believe:
- iCANN must retain management of TLDs; 
- iCANN must understand the wisdom required to undertake this great goal of vast public interest; 
- iCANN must pledge to pursue web management activities in good faith and with the honor it deserves; 
- iCANN must submit to public scrutiny of its management practices, and submit to appropriate actions when its practices fall short of its responsibilities.

iCANN’s future and the management of TLDs in the World Wide Web, I realize, is no mean task. I ask for iCANN’s patient and thoughtful regard to the interests of not just large corporate concerns but also small individual voices. Our future screams out.

Kind regards,

Albo P Fossa
Santa Fe, NM 


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