[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

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Mon Feb 10 22:46:31 UTC 2020


Domain name services are vital to the not only the digital economy but the global economy in general. Domain names are at the heart of all Internet-based communication and commerce. While I understand there is a cost of managing and maintaining domain names, the price for purchasing domain names should remain as close to cost as possible.

ICANN has a monopoly over domain names and needs to remain transparent in their actions and intentions with the general public. ICANN's purpose should be to serve the interests of the Internet community at large and not the interests of specific businesses such as Verisign.

If we consider the analogy of domain names to telephone numbers, telephone companies charge for telephone numbers. While certain toll free numbers are sold at a premium, every other number is essentially free. Government oversight of the telephone companies has insured that company transactions and policies that effect a consumer's ability to purchase basic telephone service are fair and transparent.

Please do not give the Verisign the right to raise .com domain prices without justification and full transparency. In addition, allowing Verisign to be a potential reseller of .com domains is a conflict of interest providing an unfair competitive advantage.

If a free and open Internet has taught us anything, it is that transparency is the best practice and the freedom of information empowers all individuals to join a cause they believe is worth fighting for. Keeping domain name prices especially .com names is an issue worth fighting for.

Respectfully yours,

Bruce Fleck
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