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Mon Feb 10 22:57:14 UTC 2020

This proposed fee increase hurts one group of people above all others.  The poor.  No longer can a poor person start a website and make a real mark in the world; be it through the launch of a public service website, a helpful educational website or even a commercial one.  To the wealthy, this cost is easy to eat.  However, it may keep many idea and perspectives from those without the back of huge funds out of the conversation.  Further, without an explanation of where those new funds will be going and to what end they will benefit ICANN, one can only assume that those too will benefit the rich as well.

This cash grab is not only bad for the internet, they are bad for the world.  If you ever wanted to encourage the poor of the world to form unions, investigate closer or to dig into all the processes of ICANN that we have entrusted you were operating in good faith, this action would be it.  There are ways to seek retribution legislatively, diplomatically and through processes that exist now.  There are also ways to change today’s processes to better benefit EVERYONE.  Those processes will be used to attack those responsible for this cash grab should these new rates go through.

I am a proud NAMECHEAP customer holding two dozen names.  Having to turn in even one of these names so that someone at ICANN gets richer while my hard work is forcible transferred to another rich person will launch news articles you never dreamt of.  I’ll be one of the hundreds of new activists writing them.

PLEASE, for you own sake, cancel this obvious cash grab and withdraw the proposed amendment 3 to raise rates on the poorest users of ICANN.  The world is watching.

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