[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] On the topic of removing price caps

Petr Ospalý petr.ospaly at post.cz
Tue Feb 11 02:01:12 UTC 2020

Dear Sir,

I am a small entrepreneur and I own few domain names with .com, .org,
.info, .biz and other. The truth is that my "brand" domains are only
three and the only top level domain I truly care about is .com. But I
don't own just three domains I had to own many other combinations of
tld. and hyphenated version of my "brands" to fight dns scams...

That is the reality of nowadays internet. I am certain that your effort
to remove price caps is for nothing else but a greedy deal with Verizon
BUT even if you try to argument that the reason for raising prices is
exactly to tackle the problem with dns speculators - you are wrong.

No matter how high the price for a domain will go, there will be always
speculators holding as a hostage any brand-able names trying to resell
it for an absurd amount of money. Also there will be always a crook
attempting of dns scam using a very similar domain to lure visitors from
proper domains (e.g. mymail.com vs my-mail.com vs mymail.biz etc.). So
every buyer of a new domain name will have to protect himself buy buying
out a bulk of otherwise useless domains to just avoid all of these problems.

At the end the only one able to fight on this battlefield will be big
companies - it is already almost impossible to came up with some free
distinguishable name for a domain name - the internet is over saturated
and new business are starting each day.

Maybe that is the reason why I already decided to move my brands to .xyz
but .com is overwhelmingly dominant as of now and will be for some time

Your move to remove price caps will hurt only little people like me - I
am not worry that google, microsoft, facebook and any other big name
will have an issue to pay whatever price for... well whatever.

Best regards /
S pozdravem

*Petr Ospalý*

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