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Alma Gottlieb ajgottli at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 02:25:20 UTC 2020


Please reconsider your decision to raise /.com/ domain name prices 
consistently and significantly over the next seven years.

The Internet was meant to be a democratizing space, giving access to 
knowledge not only to elites but, more importantly, to people who 
otherwise lack any means to educate themselves.  The "digital divide" 
has already given the lie to that hope.  This move will only further 
expand the digital divide, enlarging the gap between the "haves" (who 
can afford the proposed price increases) and the "have nots" (who will 
be unable to afford those increases).

Capitalism works best when it supports a community, and fails worst when 
it simply enriches CEOs and shareholders.

Please think about the social impact of your proposed changes. It's not 
too late to walk them back and "be a hero."


-- Alma Gottlieb ajgottli at gmail.com

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