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Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments to the proposed
amendment to the .COM registry agreement.

I own seven .com domain names either for personal use or for the use
of a non-profit.  The proposed price increases are deeply concerning
to me.  Verisign earned nearly $1.2 billion in revenue from .com
registrations in 2018.  If they exercised the 7% increase, that
represents increased annual revenues for .com registrations of another
$82.4 million.  While I understand the desire to increase revenues
from a corporate perspective, this increase is obscene, and exists
without commensurate increase in value to the customers.

Yes, it is true that the registration fee has been fixed since 2012,
and I would concede that costs do raise with inflation.  It is my
recommendation that any annual price increase be fixed with the rate
of inflation, and limited to no more than one percentage point over
the rate of inflation.  For example in 2019, the rate of inflation was
1.7%, the allowable increase should be limited to no more than 1 point
over that, or 2.7%. This accounts for increased costs associated with
inflation, and more than adequately addresses any other increased
costs associated with providing the registry services for the .com

Thank you for your time and consideration.

-Eric Stride
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