[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Needs more oversight

Brandon Bianchi brandon at brandonbianchi.com
Tue Feb 11 03:14:06 UTC 2020

Simply changing your terms with Verisign in secret thus giving them even more power to control the domain market is shady. 

I say this because you essentially give them free will to increase .com pricing for the next 8 of 10 years. There’s no incentive for them not to try to get as much out of them as they can? Why, well because first this deters people from squatting on domains. Why do people squat? Well like me maybe they had an idea but just haven’t had the time to put it to use. Perhaps they think it’s a cash cow? However, in reality it just means it opens verisign up to more of the gray practices. Like the registrar reserving “popular” names and charging premiums. However, this is all 100% contradictory to the internet. 

The internet is supposed to be an open global economy. Where anyone and everyone is essentially on an equal playing field. Just like net neutrality, giving registrars more
Ways to turn the screws means that’s just what they will do. They will see this as a business opportunity and milk their customer (all .com owners) for more and more money. I know our global DNS infrastructure is complex and expensive. However as everyone gets more greedy with time the quality of the internet and the openness it once represented continue to vanish. 

Everyone wants to push people to paid services. When they can’t they just do this, increase the fees they can. What is ICANN going to do with this money? How is this contribution from .com going to solve any problems that charging hundreds of thousands to make your own TLD and then registry fees from? 

This is two companies trying to do a symbiotic cash grab and going after the largest cash cow of all... .com. Why not impose a flat fee first like we did with .net? 

I’ll gladly drop all of my personal .com’s in favor of a number of other TLDs. I’m sure many more would too. How does that help improve anything? 


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