[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Increase In Fees

Ray and Cathy Posner rayncathy at infomadeeasy.com
Tue Feb 11 03:49:01 UTC 2020

I do not support the proposed increase in fees. They are too open ended

without any proper regulation.


Dot com domains make up a large percentage of all domains and I feel the

increases will effect smaller website owners to the point that they may have
to curtail their

operations or increase prices, which may result in loss of sales and income.


Many websites are run by bloggers and others who run them as information
only sites for 

the benefit of others and these increases may result in people having to
shut down their sites

due to cost increases.


Finally, I don't think it is appropriate that these increases have been
inflicted without proper 

industry consultation.




Ray Posner


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