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Nick Tapalansky nick.tapalansky at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 03:58:23 UTC 2020

Not only is the scale, and lack of ceiling on the price hikes for .com domains absurd, the fact that Verisign can now act as a reseller of these domains, and happens to be paying ICANN $20 million in relation to these upcoming changes, feels like the beginning of the end of a free and open internet (not to mention a deeply concerning bit of insider dealing). Unclear business dealings aside, increasing domain costs will significantly impact registrars for approximately 40% of the internet, potentially reducing the number of registrars able to operate and, therefore, begin culling Verisign’s competition. Increasing cost will also create a higher barrier of entry for content creators around the world when the remaining registrars are forced to pass costs on to their customers. 

In short, I’m deeply opposed to the proposed changes, and very uneasy about the lack of transparency in the dealings that have brought the changes forward. 



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