[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Please DO NOT enact this amendment!

Daniel J. Lewis Daniel at TheAudacitytoPodcast.com
Tue Feb 11 03:59:46 UTC 2020

I was appalled to learn about ICANN and Verisign's impending changes to domain registration. I hold almost 100 .com domains, and the new amendment could lead to a 70% price increase for my domains in only 10 years and with no apparent added value.

Domains should be getting cheaper, not more expensive!

It's also insulting that this was no brought to the Internet community far in advance. It really gives the impression that ICANN and Verisign have conspired to increase their own profits and create a monopoly over the domain market.

Please, for the good of the Internet, do not go through with this amendment!


Daniel J. Lewis
Speaker, consultant, and award-winning host, The Audacity to Podcast™
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