[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Opposition to amendment

Jackson Ray Hamilton jackson at jacksonrayhamilton.com
Tue Feb 11 04:15:35 UTC 2020

> According to this new agreement, Verisign will be allowed to increase 
> the wholesale price to registrars for .COM domains every year for 8 
> out of the next 10 years, and the increases don’t stop there.
> This will mean that*.COM wholesale domain prices can grow by more than 
> 70% over and above current prices over the next decade*. The contract 
> also allows for other price increases, which could drive prices up 
> further, ultimately making .COM domains less accessible and more 
> expensive for everybody.
I am voicing my opposition to this amendment because it is likely to 
increase my domain renewal costs over the years.  I want to contribute 
to the worldwide online community, but I also must keep a budget for my 
real-world costs, and the latter will come first for me.

Attempts to increase the costs of domains will not net more profits for 
you, rather they will cause me to constrict my domain holdings and, in 
general, exercise more caution before committing to new domain 
stewardship — CUTTING into your profits.

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