[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] No Price Gouging For .COM Registry

Jon Hager Stormcrow60 at Xmission.com
Tue Feb 11 04:37:48 UTC 2020

To Whom It May Concern,
     I have several websites that I use for my book selling and other 
purposes. Maintaining a website is a lot of work and the cost of domains 
has always been fairly priced. But it seems as of late, ICANN has been 
making back room deals out of the public eye and driving up prices for 
domain registration. This will hurt small businesses that attempt to 
have a presence on the internet. With the prior action of the .ORG 
fiasco, and now this same travesty with .COM, it appears ICANN is trying 
make the internet a place where only large, wealthy corporate interests 
can make their brand known. This is an outrage and as a customer and 
holder of several domains, .ORG. NET and .COM I and a host of others, 
united in voice demand ICANN to scrap their backroom deal and come to an 
amicable fee for domain registry.

Thank You,
Jon K. Hager
Riverton, Utah
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