[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .com price increase

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Tue Feb 11 05:21:03 UTC 2020


I’m writing to raise my concerns about the increase in price of the .com domain as suggested. 

My first issue is that you did not even seek the participation of current registrars to share their views in the recommended price increases you propose. This indicates that there is something you do not want the public to know about this dealing and the fact that you will be receiving an extra $20,000,000 from Verisign, just makes this whole deal smell very fishy.

Second, have you taken any thought on how many businesses and individuals you will affect all over the world with your price increases. This will make it hard for registrars and the end users to keep up with the fluctuating prices every year an in turn I can almost predict with vindication that there will be a drop in the number of .com domains registered.

I urge you to rethinking your price increase and let us support more domain registrations which will in effect get you the outcome you require for your increased revenue.

Wilson Muroki.
Nairobi, Kenya.

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