[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Against the Price increase in .COM Domain names under Verisign

Jairaj Prasad jai7raj at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 05:23:50 UTC 2020

Dear ICANN Representative,

I would like to state that allowing Verisign to increase .COM domain prices
cannot be justified. As you know, the TLD .COM is the most popular choice
ever since the dawn of public internet. It is like the necessary raw
material to build and work on the internet. And like many other such issues
like Net neutrality, this centralisation of power will not go well with the
rest of the internet, i.e., the individuals and small businesses that make
the internet useful and diverse. It is the first time in the history of
communication that the world can connect easily with each other. The
Internet liberalised doing business and expressing oneself. It needs to be
this only, a medium of free and open communication. And the .COM is the
heart of the internet, the most recognizable and go-to choice for all kinds
of people and businesses, big or small. And .COM is not a product which can
be improved or modified to charge higher prices. A company needs to keep
improving the product if they want to increase the prices or come up with
new products to sell. Sure, I admit ICANN and Verisign have to maintain
infrastructure for running all this. You can just simply charge us for
that. We already pay ICANN fees directly. Just make sure it is reasonable
and justified for all the abovesaid reasons

Thanks & regards
Jairaj Prasad
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