[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Price increase - pleas do not raise prices.

llv51953 at charter.net llv51953 at charter.net
Tue Feb 11 05:43:31 UTC 2020

Thank you for hearing my plea. I am a retired teacher, who had to retire at 16 years due to medical issues. In order to supplement my income, I decided to do some online work – something I could monitor on with my health. I went to Name cheap.com because it was reasonable, it went in compliance to my income And it was easy to follow. I am not that learned in Internet items and engines, but I am learning slowly. Because of this notification and my concerns for my income, I will be pulling my name off the list I’m not dealing with cheap names.com until you guys resolve this situation. I understand the companies want to make more money but as always you seem to always take it out of the pockets of the people who are trying to just get by. 

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