[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Price Increase

Tomika wshngstr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 06:04:31 UTC 2020

I have a website that is a .com. I do not earn money from it,  nor do I
want to. It is a website for my personal needs. A simple blog that talks
about my father,  a victim of a horrible crime. I swore to him his story
would be told and remembered on his website. He was lucky enough to see it
and has since passed away. The site has been open since 2016. He passed in
2017. He is a victim without a voice. Through me,  he has words. By raising
prices on all sites,  you deprive people,  like me,  of being able to
simply have a voice. Cyberspace isnt just for personal profit. Its a voice.
My dads site will never rank one on google. It won't make money. But it is
something that I feel has a right to be affordable and available.
Please reconsider charging more for all.
Thank you.
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