[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] About .com domain wholesale price increase

Jussi Hirvi jussi.hirvi at greenspot.fi
Tue Feb 11 06:23:51 UTC 2020


As a webhotel owner and IT consultant I find it unacceptable that you 
have given VeriSign the right to increase .com domain wholesale prices 
in the next 10 years, for even more than 70 percent in total.

This can be in no relation to Verisign's real cost. This is what happens 
with natural monopoly.

I will spread this story, and I urge you to back up with these plans, 
for the benefit of the whole internet infrastructure, business, and 
users throughout the world.

Jussi Hirvi
Green Spot webhotel
Helsinki, Finland

Jussi Hirvi  *  Green Spot
Aadolfinkatu 7 A 25 * 00500 Helsinki
+358 40 771 2098 * jussi.hirvi at greenspot.fi

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