[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .COM price increases

Ric Fischer ric at desertdwarf.com
Tue Feb 11 06:31:12 UTC 2020


I run a small friends-and-family email and web server. I'm small potatoes
compared to your average domain customer.

One of my clients is a friend that is a brand-new author with a book
recently published. It doesn't earn her very much money yet. I don't ask
her to pay...I wait for her to pay what she can.

Another is a retiree living in a retirement village in Arizona. He's part
of a computer group that's hosted and run by the village. I host his site
and the group's site — the same for them. I let them pay me when they can.

I am reasonably sure there are millions and millions of "small potatoes"
guys like me that would have to make other choices if our .com domains
became too expensive. A modest increase would be excellent, but having a
single company in charge of all .com prices. Well, I smell the possibility
of government-imposed deregulation on the horizon. Like the railroads,
airlines, telephone companies, etc. As it is structured now, it seems like
one single company is in charge of imposing a price change on anybody that
buys the product. This price control would be the very definition of a

I am hopeful you will apply a measure of restraint and common sense in
future decision-making processes.

Very respectfully,

Ric Fischer
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