[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Affordability Act

Roger roger at takumisueess.com
Tue Feb 11 06:31:31 UTC 2020

I find it rather disturbing how an organization dedicated to the management and well-being of the internet can negotiate such self-serving terms. Having done so in isolation, ignoring general feedback and doing such unilaterally is a threat to the affordability of the internet and its so important .com domain.
Given those domains have for so many built the backbone of the internet, you’ll find not just large cooperations in possession of them but also smallest businesses and even private households.
If you want to do right, you must not only be transparent with regards to how those additional funds are used but also drastically limit the cost increases. This e.g. by limiting the amount of increase to 10% over the next 10 years and demanding old domains are protected even further than new ones. With that you allow the founding participants in building the internet to be protected from unsustainable increases, which in essence was one of the core duties of ICANN to regulate and protect the internet and its structure.


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