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I think the internet should be a free and affordable space for everyone - which includes starting business owners and everyone out there who has a big message for the world - but not a big budget. .Com domains are one way to spread your message and deliver much more trust than any other domain.

We are aware of your new deals with Verisign and wish you’d keep
a) Prices in check - don’t let them allow to raise the prices. This is basically a monopoly and you would allow them to take advantage of it.
b) Transparent about how you will use the money from Verisign.
c) Verisign from becoming a domain registrar via a daughter company. This just screams that they can take advantage of it and it’s a very bad deal for the whole world. Why would you allow something like that?
d) Listening to us! The internet is such an important place and we encourage you to listen to your moral standards and to all the people out there - just like me - who want to change the world for a better place. Don’t obstruct us but support us! You have the means to and a huge responsibility.

We thank you for your time and hope that you reconsider your deals with Verisign.

Kind Regards,

Lars Wettmann
Artistic Director CIRCLE Dance
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