[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .com price increase

nebojsa durmanovic nebojsa.durmanovic at fush.rs
Tue Feb 11 07:53:25 UTC 2020

Verisign and ICANN,

I am not surprised at your decision because that is what cynical, 
overly-rich billionaires do, take even more money so that their 
umpteenth generation will be ensured to have a lavish life.

It goes to show how incredibly corrupt human nature is. And the sad 
thing is that your kind will be the only ones remaining alive, once your 
kind drives humanity to extinction. Each time something like this 
happens, I pray for a comet erasing us all. Verisgn and ICANN C-suit 
bastards, I honestly hope that you all get the most aggressive form of 
cancer that no money in the world can cure nor reduce the pain from. 
That is what your kind deserves. Nothing more, nothing less. You are 
literally the stain of human kind and the world would be a better place 
if such scum never existed.

Worst regards,

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