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I appreciate this opportunity given, in order to be able to express my
thoughts on this really important topic.

By now your regulatory must know this is a sensitive matter to all:
registries, registrants, daily users of the Internet. (I know that
precisely that importance and the huge interest involved is actually the
main reason for the year-to-year increases in the pricing, whereas no
substantial reason can justify the increases, nor their rates over time.)
Changes in prices cannot be masked as regulatory and security measures.
Attempts in that direction will affect many in their free initiative on the
market as fair traders. The end users will be affected mostly, since the
costs of using sites that deliver useful content for different audiences
will ultimately increase, the admins/owners of the sites will be forced to
set-up fees, or increase them. This is leading to restrictions of the
access to useful and needed information in fields such as education,
humanitaries, earth sciences, etc., especially in regions where even cents

Please re-think, reconsider. Some things do not cost money. Their costs are
lives, their costs are dreams, their cost is prosperity.

Please act responsibly.


С най-добри пожелания, / Kind regards, 

Георги Герджиков / Georgi Gerdzhikov

 Тел.: 02 412 10 00 
Mоб.: 0878 20 27 60

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