[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] About rising .com prices

Nico - Knittitude.com nico at knittitude.com
Tue Feb 11 08:39:39 UTC 2020


I found out that you and Verisign have decided to increase the prices for .com, all interesting you being to profit more, of course. 

This is not right, simply is not right for the user, especially for those who have their domain names for many years and maybe even a larger number of them.

Is this what you consider fair, transparent bussiness? Is profit all that matters to you and users not at all? 

How much money do you need to feel satisfied? Will you take them in grave with you???

This is just wrong, just wrong and unfair, very egoistic from your part.

Hoping still that a common sense lies in your soul and in the end will leave prices just as they are now.

Have a good day.

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