[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .com is a backbone of the internet - prices need to be kept at a minimum

Reece Neumann me at reeceneumann.me
Tue Feb 11 09:09:44 UTC 2020

The .com TLD is the most well known domain name and to many is the only 
domain name that they will have heard of making .com and the internet 
synonymous with each other.

As such .com can be considered a backbone of the internet and therefore 
must be safeguarded in the interest of all users.

The price of the .com should be kept as low as possible in order to 
allow as many individuals as possible to continue to innovate and keep 
the internet as free flowing as possible.

A significant increase in the price of .com could result in individuals 
choosing not to buy a domain where they otherwise would have took the 
chance, and therefore not contribute their project to world wide web. As 
such this has a real potential to lower innovation across the internet 
and thus ultimately contribute towards stifling competition.

This goes against the nature of the internet as a whole and must be avoided.

Therefore I would suggest that the price of the .com domain name be made 
as low as is possible as to allow it to function and no more.

Profits should not be the main factor in running this important internet 
backbone component.

As .com can be considered crucial to a thriving current day internet, it 
should be the primary domain that is protected from price rises and in 
doing so will help all those who wish to use, innovate and advance the 
internet further.

Kind regards,

Reece Neumann

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