[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

jan at leefjougeloof.com jan at leefjougeloof.com
Tue Feb 11 09:15:43 UTC 2020

I strongly object to the removal of limitations in the price increase  
of .com domains, however ICANN will probably ignore objections like  
they did in the past despite overwhelming objections from internet  
property owners. So lets face it, ICANN is no longer there to protect  
the interests of internet property owners; ICANN is now merely a  
puppet of American technology corporations. This is classic politics,  
but it is also the declaration of an economic cyber war if the  
amendment is passed despite objections. At least ICANN is open about  
the fact that they now except bribes from Verisign to screw internet  
property owners.


1. Price Increases - If Verisign cannot do the job at the previously  
agreed price, get a company who will. Dot.com prices increased  
drastically over the past years for internet property owners in other  
parts of the world as result of exchange rate fluctuations, despite  
the USD price being pinned.

2. How can Verisign Operate as a Domain Registrar without gaining an  
unfair advantage over other registrars? Many countries and even the US  
have legislation against such practices where companies can push their  
opposition out of the market based on privileges they have. This does  
not differ from other white collar crimes, especially in stock market  

3. And that brings us to the $20 Million bribe paid by Verisign to  
ICANN. You can motivate it whichever way you want, it is bribery,  
corruption and criminal. If Verisign want to donate the amount, let  
them do it but then they should not have any role in .com TLD  
registrations other than that of a regular registrar.

If this amendment goes through despite objections, be prepared for the  

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