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Tue Feb 11 09:22:58 UTC 2020


My name is Mikhail and I own about 5 .com domains and over 15 on other TLDs
The recent change in agreement with Verisign worries me, especially the lack
of clarity regarding the deal details and what ICANN plans to do with $20
million that it is to receive from Verisign as the part of the deal that can
allow the latter to drive prices as high as 70% over the current prices over
the next decade.


I strongly believe that driving prices up for the .com TLDs will ultimately
hurt the internet and it's development, as well as make it more difficult
for companies to get commercial domains with no real expenses added to the

If anything, domains becoming easier and easier to manage and allocate in
this new decade, and increasing prices only artificially increases the value
and might drive more customers away, reducing the relevance of .com TLD


I would like to ask ICANN committee to reconsider their decision and provide
more transparency into the deal as the starting point.



Kind regards,
Mikhail Neverov


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