[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Against .com Price Hike

Lek Lim lek300kamb at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 09:25:35 UTC 2020

Hi guys

Pls be reasonable for .com pricing , it has move up quite a bit past 10
Now cpanel increase its price, .com want to follow suite ,

Come on , guys, Pls be reasonable and try maintain its current pricing
regime as much as possible else you may see a significant drop in .com
sales which end up to be a Lose Lose situation for everyone...

1st , domain register will push alternative domain supplies
2nd, domainer will stop accumulating & start disposing his .com portfolio
3rd, digital agency and multiple biz website owner will start reducing
their exposure and increase client pricing
4rd SMB / SME will fell the impact of price hike and buy less ....
& the list and consequences go on.....


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