[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed .com price increases

Nick Hammond nick at happypengu.in
Tue Feb 11 09:29:31 UTC 2020

I feel the need to register my complete disagreement with ICANN's decision
to allow VeriSign to drastically increase the price of .com domain

Not only are the cap increases massively above inflation, which by itself
should negate the plan, the deal has been concluded in secrecy with a
company that has paid millions of dollars to ICANN, giving the appearance
of a bribe.

Furthermore the .org domain sale debacle has shown ICANN to be totally on
the side of the registrars rather than consumers.  By rejecting the
VeriSign price increase allowances, ICANN can go some way to restoring the
faith in the organisation that occupies a central pillar in the internet

I trust you will read and act upon my worries, along with, I'm sure, the
rest of the internet community.  Please see to it that us consumers are
protected, rather than the interests of the few individuals who stand to
reap from abnormal profits.

Kind regards,

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