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Christos Constantinou christos at snez.org
Tue Feb 11 10:38:16 UTC 2020


As far as domain registration goes, I would expect that the domain
registrars are doing the heavy lifting to customer service and app
development. It was always my impression that 80% of the registration costs
go to the domain registrars, and not the other way around. It is surprising
to me today to find out that $7.85 out of $10 which I spend per domain
actually goes to the DNS maintenance, which is infrastructure with less
complexity and no customer support. In an industry where a domain registrar
manages to survive with $2.15, how can the DNS maintainer have such high
overhead costs? Many questions are raised about the management and
governance of ICANN as a whole, which given its current inefficient use of
funds, opens new questions on the morality of the company and the integrity
of its management, as their actions are against the interest of their end
users and the prosperity of the Internet community. I myself would cast a
vote of no confidence in the decisions of ICANN on the matter, and would
request that the decision is reconsidered. ICANN does not seem to need any
more money to operate the DNS infrastructure, and can certainly solve their
internal financial matters through better management decisions.


Christos Constantinou
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