[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .COM is priced fine.

Bidyut Mukherjee gokussjx at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 12:28:42 UTC 2020


I'm writing to pitch in my opinion on the recently proposed changes which
will result in a price hike on .COM domains.

I think this is NOT a good idea. This TLD has been the top choice of nearly
half the webpages on the web. That speaks of its popularity, and how much
importance it holds. One of the key traits is its accessibility and
affordability, especially compared to most other TLDs.
Individuals have been able to make use of their .COM websites and open up
their content to the world much more easily than other lesser known
domains, and the newer, more expensive, custom domains (like .DANCE, .XYZ,

With the proposed changes, you'll be killing the easy access that public
has enjoyed, throwing in a lot of confusion, all over just another business
deal. We consider ICANN to be more than just another corporation out to
make profits off of people's compulsion.
Please do the right thing and nip this price hike plan in the bud.

Thank you,
A personal .COM user
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