[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed changes

Donna K. Fitch donnakfitch.dkf at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 12:34:47 UTC 2020

The rise in prices proposed for .COM domain names will have a devastating
effect on me and my business interests. As a frequent purchaser of domain
names, I will be much less likely to try new ventures if the price
continues to go up and up unchecked. I currently own about 10 .COM domain
names for various projects, from graduate school to freelance jobs to
personal portfolios. The prices as they currently are make it easy for me
to purchase one, try out the project, and maintain or discard as suits my
needs and those of my potential clients. This proposed action hurts
freelancers and small business owners at the expense of large corporations.

I respectfully ask you to reexamine these price changes for .COM domain
names and consider the good of the internet as a whole rather than short
term gains.

Thank you,

Donna K. Fitch
donnakfitch.com, aetherexcursions.com, dkfitchportfolio.com
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