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Tue Feb 11 12:39:12 UTC 2020

According to my current knowledge, the .COM TLD is the TLD of choice for most business owners given it is yet the most familiar among internet users.

Among other things, and albeit subtle, it assists in building trust between online businesses and their customers. 
Internet businesses take on and maintain a plethora of business expenses in order to retain a professional online presence.

Price increases to TLD's (especially .COM), incrementally or otherwise, places that much more of a strain upon small businesses and other modest (but legitimate) enterprises that seek to explore the worth of capitalism over the world wide web.

While many of the details and responsibilities of the parties involved may yet elude my awareness and comprehension, as a small business owner, I request that if at all possible, the .COM TLD does not undergo an initial or renewal price increase (incrementally or otherwise).

Thank you for your service and consideration.

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