[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Amendment changes

Peter Jarosak pjarosak at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 12:46:38 UTC 2020

The proposed changes will allow prices to double in 15 years from 2026.

With the clause that major DNS attacks can allow a price increase even in years that it was not going to raise, you only need to hire a firm at 7% cost of next year’s price increase to break even and not get caught.

This seems like it is written for businesses and no longer considers those that could barely afford to own a single domain name to start a business or communicate about the world around them in an environment that is theirs to control and not owned by a business with 50 page privacy policy. How many small businesses or people in poorer countries will be restricted from ever compete in the .com domain?

You should not allow exceptions to years that there will not be a price increase, especially terms where business could take the short term loss to create in order to have higher profits moving forward. 

The terms in should be more like 1% every 3 years or something similarly low so that you are not creating a domain extension that is economically out of reach for 1/2 the world.

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