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Dan Mort dwm260 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 12:50:49 UTC 2020


It is sad to see that the very organization in charge of overseeing domain
names is making decisions without informing the public, behind closed
doors.  Domain names are essential to businesses trying to start up,
sometimes with so little money that they can barely afford hosting to go
along with the domain names.  Increasing the price, or even ALLOWING the
increase of price of .com domain names 8 out of 10 years is plain ludicrous
considering .coms are already at the top of the list as far as pricing is

While I do understand the need to make money and the spam associated with
having domain names for cheap, that is just the cost of doing business.
What I don't understand is why can we not make some of the hundreds of new
TLDs released over the last few years equivalent in price to the .com
domains.  This would solve a lot, and I mean A LOT of spam issues that
people are facing, and you would still see an increase in profits if that
is what your ultimate goal is.   You should be here to protect your users,
not your sellers.  This isn't about YOU, this is about US.  The dreamers
and every day believers that are trying to make something of our lives and
start a business in this already tough business landscape filled with
regulations and dream crushing corporations.  Of all things to worry about,
we should not be worried about paying more just to keep our website address.

If you'd like to see additional profits, why don't we fix the "premium
domain parking," increasing only new TLD pricing, or focus on creating a
new way to measure/issue domain authority to good, law-abiding users.
There's PLENTY of other things you can be focusing on.  In no way is this
warranted or fair to the every day user.  The internet is not something
that should be controlled by agencies like yours in the first place... this
abuse of power in charging more and more is an example of how money hungry,
inconsiderate corporations operate and think only for their own selfish
benefit now today.

I truly hope you read this and consider other alternatives.  Something like
allowing price increases serves no benefit to the consumers you serve.  But
unfortunately it doesn't seem like you're not in the position to care
because you will benefit either way.  Well hear this loud and clear, WE
CARE, and this is UNJUST.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dan Mort
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