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Mahmoud Mabrouk mahmoud at mmabrouk.me
Tue Feb 11 12:52:29 UTC 2020

Dear ICANN Board,

I am writing you to express my objection to the changes contract you have
with Verisign, Inc. to operate the top-level domain .COM.
These changes in the contract will result in a price increase of the .com
domains. As an African student in a third world country, I believe that
such an  increase will be felt mostly by the already disadvantaged people
of developing nations. People in third world countries still lack an equal
and free access to the internet. Increasing the prices of the most used
domain (.COM) will be a step back in the democratization of the internet in
the world.
I hope my comment will make you reconsider the changes to the contract with
Verisign to not allow any increase in the prices of the .com domains in the
forseable future.

Best regard,
Mahmoud Mabrouk
A Tunisian Student
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