[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment No. 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement (Amendment 3)

Work Towards the Dream worktowardsthedream at protonmail.com
Tue Feb 11 13:27:25 UTC 2020

Good Morning,

How are you all today? I hope you're doing well! I'm emailing because of proposed amendment No. 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement (Amendment 3).

As you all know, the ".com" domain makes up about 70%+ of all domain names. If what is proposed is true, and .com domain prices increase, then this would mean an approximate 70% increase in cost to these domains over the course of these agreements.

These changes will have a significant impact on the Internet for years to come!

Not only will it effect small businesses and entrepreneurs, but it could also deter any one from wanting to start a business, or getting their idea off of the ground, in the first place. Please don't let this happen!

The American dream is to start a business and to make it! So please do your part in making sure that it will be more affordable for individuals who do not have the means to do so, to be able to live the American dream! To make .com domains more affordable!

Thanks for your time!

— AK

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