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Henry S. Winokur henwin at henrywinokur.com
Tue Feb 11 13:29:40 UTC 2020

I'm a stake-holder as a registered .com site-owner, so I would like my small
say in what you charge for my site, which is personal and makes no money.  


I can, sort of, understand the need to raise rates at times.  But how much
do you need to make?  Everyone wants to be on the 'net.

I can't therefore, understand how you folks aren't making enough money under
the current rules?  I'm against your proposal.  It basically says "screw
you" to all of your millions of users.  But then that's what big business is
all about, isn't it?  Seeing how much money they can make and everyone else
can be damned.


Henry S. Winokur

One of the little non-profits of the world..


www.henrywinokur.com <http://www.henrywinokur.com/>  


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