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David Taylor whataboutmychimney at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 13:41:18 UTC 2020

As a business owner, I understand that it is important to be able to stay in business and charge a reasonable rate for the services that we offer. While I can understand raising rates, the amount the rate rises is my concern. It has been stated that you’ll be able to raise rates as much as 70%. Now, if I was going to be getting SOMETHING for that extra 70% then maybe, but that’s not the case here. Are we getting upgraded services, better security, stronger infrastructure, anything? I sincerely doubt it. If I was to increase my costs by 70% to my customers, I’d be out of business pretty quickly. I hope the same occurs for you if you decided to move forward with this. 

Also, I hope someone runs your greedy ass over and then backs up and runs you over again, and then does it 70 more times.
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