[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Prices must go down, not up!

Roland Giesler roland at greentree.systems
Tue Feb 11 13:53:34 UTC 2020

Volumes of domain sales are up, services benefit hugely from economies of
scale, yet somehow you think it's ok to increase prices and quite
dramatically so.  Well, it's not ok!

Firstly, since you are running a de-facto monopoly for .com domains, you
must be fully transparent in all you actions.  There is no tolerance for
underhanded secret deals, so man up and share all the details.

Secondly, because domain users are pretty much bound by the addresses they
use, it is imperative that you show respect and do not engage in abuse of
your clients' situation.  No one is denying you an income, but becoming
greedy will be the downfall of any organisation that engages in such

I urge you to reconsider your course of action and am looking forward to
you feedback.

thank you

Roland Giesler
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