[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Opposition to Amendment

John Colascione johnc at searchen.com
Tue Feb 11 14:09:17 UTC 2020

*I write in to oppose the Amendment to the .COM Registry Agreement which
would allow price increases in .com domain names. I am an owner of .com
domain names and provide affiliated registry services as well as register
domain .com names for clients. I believe ICANN is supposed to govern the
domain name system in the public interest.*

*With that said, those evaluating the proposed price increase or removal of
price caps need only ask themselves, what public good is achieved by
allowing the only provider of .com domain registrations and renewals to
increase prices?*

*The only thing that is achieved is consumers will pay more for the same
registration and use rights. What public good does this serve when the
company wishing to have these price increases is already
overwhelmingly profitable from what it already does as is.*

John Colascione
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