[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Public Comment on ICANN's secret deal with Verisign

C Burnet tinywritesnh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 14:25:28 UTC 2020


ICANN needs to keep .com names affordable, and instead your company is
putting money before your customers.  Your organization that oversees
domain names, announced significant changes to the contract it has with
Verisign, Inc. who operate the .COM top-level-domain (TLD).  Your changes
were made in secret so you keep more money from consumers who have no
choice but to pay more to keep their domains.  These changes will have a
significant impact on the Internet for years to come, and only ICANN and
Verisign have participated in this decision. These harmful changes will
promote censorship, as only people with wads of money will be able to
purchase .com names as if they were plots of land.  This is unfair, and
every consumer should know the ramifications caused by your organization.
Everyone on the Internet will be touched by these changes, so together
ICANN should not be able to do this.


Carol Burnet
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