[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Verisign Contract Changes

Nicholas Major nick at nmajor.com
Tue Feb 11 14:32:28 UTC 2020

I was disappointed to learn that under the new contract changes with
Verisign that they would be allowed to increase the price on .com domains.
I am just a regular internet user, but I have many .com domains. .com
domains are still the most common and best TLD to own. Allowing this
increase could increase the hold that large corporations already have on
the internet. It creates a barrier of entry for small organizations,
businesses, and individuals to be able to own one of the most powerful
domains. This decreases the democratization of the internet which is
important to maintain and hold.

Please revise the new contract with Verisign to restrict price changes for
.com domains to keep the internet accessible and democratic for as many
people as possible.

Thank you for your time.
- Nick
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