[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] I do not support this movement

Joe Edwards jedwards at mysolarsun.com
Tue Feb 11 15:00:46 UTC 2020

Hello Verisign and ICANN,

                Today, I am providing commentary for the recently proposed changes that are set forth to come for the .com domain name, and ultimately all domain names. These domain names have been a lifeblood for many freelancers and families for years. Already, many of the best domain names are being sold third to fourth party for hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin with, which already provides a hefty enough limitation for those of us starting ourselves up.

In my many years of being a web developer, I always found value in the fact that I could trust my name and security to both organizations for a reasonable fee, and trust that my business would have a real shot at becoming something more than just one of the many thousands of domains like mine out there.

                This challenge, this overabundance of names, has been a blessing, a curse, and a necessary balance that provides an equal playing field for many people to go from nothing to something. What you have provided the world with is incredible, and your structure works! Please do not attempt to fix what is not broken.

                I do believe that ICANN and Verisign could do things to prevent fraudulent activity, however, I do not believe the increase in price will be something anyone can truly benefit from.

                I urge you to reevaluate your plans, and consider a method that can provide all parties their necessities, without eliminating the hard working lower class who want to make more of themselves.

                I have been designing websites, started out with free TLDs, and earned my way to just barely affording one domain, then two, and now twenty and higher, and the monetary value has the means of achieving higher, but with an increase set up, I fear you will eliminate a larger portion of who your most loyal and active customers are, as well as cutting off a string of economic value to the greater worlds society, that can eliminate the creation of jobs, the spreading of common wealth, and would drive the suffocation of creativity as we see it only just surviving today.

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