[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] I am AGAINST the proposed amendment 3 to the .COM registry agreement

tim.olvera at gmail.com tim.olvera at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 15:06:29 UTC 2020

I am the registrant of dozens of domain names that I utilize for
professional, philanthropic and personal reasons.  I am absolutely against
the proposed amendment 3 of the .COM registry agreement allowing Verisign to
raise prices without justification.  The internet is a free and open space.
Raising the domain registry prices will only inhibit those who cannot afford
to participate and dissuade those who wish to venture into this environment,
perhaps trying to step out and start a business or publish research,
software, data, art, literature and more.  This will force people who cannot
afford higher prices to rely on third party companies as a conduit and is
absolutely not in alignment with the free and open spirit of America's
greatest contribution to the world.  There's no need for these price
increases and this whole amendment feels underhanded and disingenuous,
reeking of fat cat politics and establishment bullying tactics.  I urge
ICANN to reject this amendment for the good of all people who share this
planet lest ICANN wish to transform their reputation from that of a
respected regulation authority to that of a bloated establishment agency
working against the will of the people.



Tim Olvera


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