[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 comments

Chip Massey chipmassey at outlook.com
Tue Feb 11 15:08:41 UTC 2020

I am alarmed a the rate increases I am already seeing from Go Daddy and others. I have recently transferred a domain due to the price increase. I do not understand, especially with the continued growth and reach of the internet, why it is necessary to increase .com (and other) domain extensions (other than greed). I know more and more businesses are adding on domains as well as more and more countries and rural areas are coming online. How is it justifiable to increase rates at 7% per year, year after year? Again, you do not have a stagnant amount of business that you need to increase prices for. You continue to have growth by expansion organically. Leave it alone.

I guess this is something I need to make my congressman aware of because it seems like abuse to me.

Chip Massey

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